15 ways to get more traffic on website for free

Do you want to get more traffic to your website for free?

Want to increase website traffic without spending any money? Contrary to popular belief, it is both possible and simple. Employ these 15 easy and practical strategies to boost website visitors with no cost.

Is lack of traffic making you sad and unmotivated?

You are not alone.

When it comes to traffic problems, every owner of a website or blog feels the same.

You can solve the lack of traffic right away by buying it, but that costs a lot of money and not everyone can do that.

What should you do, therefore, if you need traffic but don’t have enough money to acquire it? Stop trying and give up?

No, get free website traffic instead! Which is free(if you have a website).

Obtaining free internet traffic is straightforward, and you may increase visitors to your blog or website without paying any money by utilising the 15 simple ways listed below.

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Here are 15 simple techniques to generate more free website traffic.

Create content that grabs readers’ attention and encourages them to share it.

Publish engaging content.

If your target audience finds your content beneficial, you’ve already accomplished half of your work since people love to spread it.

Make your content user-friendly.

Use bulleted lists, subheadings, and short paragraphs to organise it. Web content should be simple to read.

Additionally, make your content search engine friendly.

Employ relevant keywords in appropriate locations throughout your article to boost its search engine ranks.

Improve your content using various interactive multimedia. Make your information stand out by using eye-catching graphics and photographs. Also, produce captivating infographics.

Including share buttons for your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites.

Consistently publish new content.

Your website should continue to get regular updates with new content. Try to do it every day if you can.

Your viewers will return to your website more frequently if it has new content.

I advise you to stick to a monthly editorial calendar. It aids in organising the content you need to post. Moreover, it enables you to match your ideas and content to any noteworthy dates that fall inside a certain month.

Following a timetable helps you develop more discipline, which is the initial step to success.

Blogs and websites that are updated often also help build your reputation.

Create headlines that hook readers right away.

The most crucial element of an article is its headline since it encourages readers to click.

Headlines assist you in making decisions. What assists you in making a selection while choosing magazines to purchase at a newsstand? Headlines on the front, right?

So, create headlines that force readers to take the appropriate action. Compose up to five potential headlines, and then choose the one with the most impact.

Make your website search engine friendly.

The best source of free traffic is search engines.

You may start getting bulk of free traffic by simply optimising your websites for search engines with relevant keywords for your industry.

Search engine optimisation, sometimes known as SEO, is the practice of making a website optimised for search engines.

Start by making your website Google, Yahoo!, and Bing-SEO friendly. There are several more large and minor search engines, but just for now, concentrate solely on these three, or only Google if you want to direct all of your SEO efforts at just one search engine.

Make your website mobile-friendly.

Mobile devices are used by billions of people worldwide to access the internet and engage in social interaction.

Also, the websites of all successful people and businesses are mobile-friendly.

Do you still require justifications? Simply replicate.

Create an engaging forum on your website.

It’s a great idea to start an active forum on a website to increase visitors for almost nothing.

Several benefits that come from an active forum:

  • It’s an excellent method to develop community.
  • It keeps them engaged.
  • It extends the time that users spend on your website.
  • It is the ideal spot for making significant announcements.
  • It’s a fantastic location for sharing knowledge.

Therefore create an active forum right now.

Get more traffic by promoting your content to your email list.

Do you have a mailing list? Sending emails is a good idea at this point.

Email marketing to your target group is a terrific approach to drive visitors on demand.

Don’t forget to add one or more links in the email to your most recent article. Send the message, then watch as more people visit your website.

Improve website traffic by using guest posting.

A wonderful method for increasing website traffic is by guest blogging.

Guest blogging refers to requesting someone to write and publish an article on your website or accepting an offer from someone to write and publish an article on their website.

When you get featured on well-known sites, guest posting helps you develop a straightforward profile in addition to increasing traffic.

Don’t forget to ask the blog or website owner to put a link back to your website anywhere in the piece if you want to get the most out of guest posting. This type of link, known as a backlink, is crucial for improving your search engine results.

Post your content on various social networking sites.

It’s easy to get free website traffic from social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

Share your content with your friends, and kindly request that they do the same for their friends. This has a chain-reaction-like effect. People will click over to your website if it contains engaging and worthwhile content, hence increasing traffic at no cost to you.

Avoid limiting yourself to a single social media channel. If you are serious about attracting visitors, make profiles on the most popular social networking sites and invest time in interacting with your audience.

Post insightful comments on well-known blogs within your niche.

A wonderful technique to boost traffic for free is by making useful comments on other well-known blogs in your industry.

A comment acts as a gateway for visitors of that specific blog to return to your own website.

Comments are effective and enjoyable, but to get the most out of it, you must go beyond saying things like “great post,” “amazing article,” “this is epic,” etc.

Make sure you have read and comprehend the whole topic before posting a comment. This will enable you to create insightful comments.

Ensure that your website is fast and responsive.

Nothing irritates a user more than a slow-loading website. Add to that an ugly design, and you have a formula for failure.

Study current design trends to pick a simple, beautiful, responsive, and recognisable design for your website.

Also, make the required changes to speed up the loading of your website. So pick a layout and features that won’t slow down your website.

Reply to user feedback or comments.

You gain attention when you take the time to read and reply to user comments.

When you actively hear what your users have to say, your reputation grows. Others begin to take you seriously, and you wind up developing a group of devoted followers.

Launch a poll.

A fantastic technique to get free traffic whenever you need it is to start a poll on a popular subject.

Here are some pointers to help you design successful polls.

  • Ask reasonable questions that demand unbiased responses.
  • Keep the polls short.
  • Make use of simple language.
  • Use a user-friendly language.

Organise a contest.

Giving away something of value gives you the opportunity to create a list of potential customers as well as to attract a large number of new prospects.

Asking for information that is relevant and actually necessary for the contest is the secret in this situation. Do not inquire about unnecessary information. For instance, it makes no sense to request phone numbers rather than mailing addresses from individuals while you are giving them free e-books.

The winning reward does not always have to be an iPad, iPhone, or other high-end device.  It may be one of your own products, a box of chocolates, a popular book, software subscription, a free pass or ticket, an online course, or even a box of freebies. Find out what appeals to your target audience the most.

Answer any questions about your topic of expertise.

There are many different questions for which people are searching. There are probably people out there that are searching for information related to your niche. To obtain some free traffic, get in touch with them right immediately.

Don’t forget to provide a link back to your website when responding to questions.

Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and Wiki Answers are three excellent starting points.

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